Zoro Swords

Among the numerous bladed weapons in different cultures, the sword is considered as one of the most impressive and efficient weapons for almost every individual around. In fiction, these equipment are given more importance compared to other bladed weapons and the swordsmen who wield these are portrayed as some of the best, coolest, as well as the most important among all the weapon-wielding warriors around. Because of this, there are numerous sword-wielding characters in fiction and these include the masked swordsman named Don Diego de la Vega or more commonly known as Zorro, and the pirate hunter named Roronoa Zoro from the anime One Piece.


Zorro is Spanish for fox and this is the secret persona of a man named Don Diego de la Vega, a character made by the writer Johnston Mc Culley in the year 1919. He was known as a Californian nobleman who lived in Los Angeles between the years 1821 and 1846 during the period of the Mexican rule; however, there are a few movie adaptations of Zorro where the character’s story was set during the much earlier rule of the Spaniards. Zorro’s most favored weapon is the Rapier which he utilizes to leave his trademark, a large “Z” cut that is made with three quick and precise strokes. Aside from the rapier, he also makes use of the bullwhip yet in his debut, Zorro made use of a pistol.


The Zoro blade or the Rapier is also called the Espada Ropera which is a term for a specific kind of sharp, slender, and pointed sword that is mainly used for thrusting. With its design and features, the Zoro blade is not only made for thrusting but it can also be utilized for slashing and cutting attacks; these assaults with the rapier have been recorded in a couple of historical treatises such as Capo Ferro’s Gran Simulacro in the year 1610. Furthermore, the weapon was also utilized in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Early Modern Europe.

The word “rapier” refers to a sword with a long blade that features a protective hilt for protecting the user’s hand while wielding the weapon. Some of the historical versions of the rapier feature a broad blade that is fixed on a common rapier hilt; so while its blade may be broad and sturdy enough to cut through targets at some degree, the rapier is still primarily designed to execute nimble and quick thrusting attacks. Additionally, the way the rapier was created allows the user to perform fast attacks, and with its long reach, the weapon was suited for civilian combats during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Since military-styled thrusting and cutting weapons have also continued to evolve, the rapier also continued to develop and improve to meet the needs of civilian combat and decorum.  By 1715, the rapier was almost completely replaced by a much lighter and smaller weapon and this was utilized by a lot of people throughout most of Europe; yet despite this, the rapier was still used by a few individuals who still preferred this weapon.

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro is known as one of the most powerful master swordsmen in the anime since he is able to utilize three different swords with varying styles of attacks; from the melee-type of weapons all the way to long range and sword-like weapons. He can even utilize the Flying Slash Attack which is a high-level sword style that makes use of the air pressure when a sword swings; the pressure is then utilized to execute strong attacks against enemies. Zoro can also perfectly time his sword assaults to deflect or counter every powerful attack executed, such as Kaku’s Rankyaku.

Zoro is definitely a strong and powerful fighter who features outstanding potential; he is also considered as one of the best fighters who is part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Since his personality is quite stern, others often assume that he is the captain of the Straw Hats especially after witnessing his skills and prowess in battle. Zoro also has a constant rivalry with Sanji, a fellow Straw Hat, but when the two attack together, they are indeed an almost unstoppable force which is exhibited in their battle against the Groggy Monsters.

Even without the Zoro swords, Zoro can still fight due to his immense and monstrous strength, plus he is also able to easily lift and toss an entire building. He was even strong enough to readily divert a punch from Oars before the time skip occurred which developed his skills to literally pump his arms, enlarging it with pure muscles.

Below are the different types of Zoro swords that he utilized in the anime:


During his journey, Roronoa Zoro had been in different situations where he had to adapt his skills for various reasons; and in addition to his regular fighting style, he had several other methods of combat that formed a much greater portion of his Santoryu fighting skills. His sword, the Ittoryu, literally means the “One Sword Style” and with this weapon, Zoro can easily perform attacks with the use of a single sword.


Nitoryu is one of the swords and blade styles that the character has developed over the course of his adventures; with this weapon, Zoro executes a variety of attacks with two Zoro swords that can both be lethal and strong against his opponents. The Nitoryu was also his original fighting style when Zoro started to learn how to wield a sword; this was before practicing Santoryu and accepting Kuina’s sword.


Santoryu is a specific style of sword fighting where the wielder makes use of three katanas: one in each hand while the other sword is held in the wielder’s mouth. There are numerous techniques for this kind of sword style and these include the high-speed attacks, the compressed air projectile attack, and the direct hit attacks. Some of the names of Zoro’s attacks are puns because of how some Japanese words are put together; when the words are pronounced as one, these can come off as completely different words and often, these refer to cuisines such as sushi and the like.

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