Zombie Target

The bleeding zombie target is a three-dimensional, life-sized tactical mannequin target that bleeds when shot; this is due to the Zombie Industry’s Patent Pending proprietary technology. The zombie target is packed with biodegradable matter to make cleaning up much easier; remember, these zombie targets bleed and explode when shot so little bits and pieces of bloody Zombie matter will be scattered all over. The bleeding zombie target is definitely realistic and is generally designed to help anyone prepare for a Zombie outbreak. Listed below are some of the various zombie targets available, together with their back stories.

Bobo Clown

Depending on how a person views clowns, the story of Bobo the Clown may come off as comedic and hilarious, or something extremely horrifying. Before the zombie apocalypse even began, Bobo was just the regular clown who made ends work by entertaining and making people laugh in birthday parties, events, school functions, and at times, in Bar Mitzvah. Being a clown, the pay was not really that good but since it was an honest and clean way of living and earning, Bobo continued to work hard and did everything to keep his acts fun, interesting, funny, and enjoyable.

At some point, Bobo learned that vampires, pirates, and zombies were becoming quite a thing with the children, so he came up with an idea of a new act: an act that would feature him, Bobo the Clown, fighting off vampires and zombies with the use of his arsenal of gags and tricks. Here, he would battle these fiends and become victorious, proving to everyone watching that clowns are very much better than the vampires or zombies. To complete his act, Bobo contacted his longtime clown friends: Rocky, an ex-clown turned boxer and Geoff who would play as the vampire. The three friends rehearsed until the day of their first act together which would be unfortunate since this would be Bobo’s last.

During the birthday party, Bobo noticed Rocky acting strangely: the man was erratic, aggressive, and was barely following what they practiced. So to improvise the act, Bobo decided that he would give his friend the classic club soda gag; however, Rocky instead let out a deep and creepy growl, then leaped and tackled Bobo to the ground. The clown let out terrified screams when Rocky started sinking his teeth into Bobo’s flesh, doing so a couple of times before leaping off the clown and dashing off into the distance. Today, the clown can still be seen and heard prowling the streets, searching for an audience and victims after his gruesome transformation. Bobo is quite an easy to see bleeding zombie target and is generally good for shooting practice.


Before becoming one of the undead, Dr. Chris Owens was once a gifted and extremely smart biologist; he was also a research assistant at the San Diego biotech company that eventually became Ground Zero during the Zombie Apocalypse. He worked together with his research partner named Dr. Grant Diggler and was among the very few people who directly participated in studying an intriguingly unique parasitic fungus that turns its hosts into living zombies. On the night of the outbreak, Dr. Chris and his partner were busy working and researching on the fungus, focusing while doing their work in separate labs. Unfortunately, Diggler was exposed to the fungus and sought assistance from Chris; of course, he assisted his co-worker and even helped dress the other’s wounds, yet despite following the standard exposure protocol, it is said that the doctor was also exposed to the virus while aiding his partner.

The next day, Chris arrived for work yet his partner remained absent; the doctor insisted and informed his lab assistants that he was fine and would be able to work continuously for the day. However, the doctor worked alone the whole time and when described by a lab assistant,  he claimed that Chris seemed rather disoriented and manic; so when asked if he was ok, the doctor responded with a husky and deep sounding grunt that was definitely not human. The next day, the lab assistants contacted the Zombie Industries in fear that the doctor may have also been exposed to the zombie virus, so when they received word about Chris, they hunted down the doctor and was able to ambush him, taking him into their quarantine area to acquire and isolate his DNA to create clones then further study the virus. The clones were also trained into becoming tactical shooters, zombie hunters, as well as marksmen in the most efficient ways to take on zombies.

The Terrorist

After the US Government have announced the death of one of the top terrorist leaders in the world, the news leaked out of Coronado, CA stating that everyone has not seen the last of the most notorious and dangerous sign of terrorism, and this is The Terrorist. The news and warning were intended for the Zombie Industry to get information about The Terrorist being worse than ever since he is in an absolutely altered state and is now an undead.

The North Korean Soldier

The North Korean Soldier is also one of the Zombie Industries’ zombie targets and this character is hand painted as accurately as possible to resemble the political elitist whom everyone seems to really dislike.


They say that the Zombie Apocalypse may have begun much earlier than anyone would have expected; it turns out that Hitler and his people were actively working on a top-secret plan that they called the Projekt Wiedergeburt which literally translates to Project Rebirth. It was headed by a man named Josef Mengele, and the project aimed to create a super Nazi fighter that could continuously battle even after death – the Zombie Nazis.

Uses of the Zombie Targets


The zombie target is perfect for anyone on a group outing; split up with friends and head out to destroy these undead creatures. The zombie target will all bleed when shot and it is also a life-sized set to make the experience more fun and exciting when shooting. All of the zombie targets can be shot with more than a thousand rounds of varying calibers; the targets are all designed specifically for AirSoft and Pellet / BB guns, as well as recurve bows, crossbows, and more. Additionally, the zombie targets also bleed biodegradable matter which is definitely safe for people and the environment.

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