Sword Sets

A Japanese sword or nihonto is among the several kinds of authentic weapons made in Japan. These tools have been created from the Kofun era and generally, only the swords after the Heian period were the weapons that featured curved blades. There are numerous varieties of swords and all of these differ by the shape, size, method of manufacturing, as well as the field of application; additionally, the most common types of authentic Japanese swords include the katana, tachi, and the wakizashi.

Swords have always played a vital role in the culture and tradition of the Japanese, plus these are also weapons that are widely admired for their strength, beauty, spiritual qualities, technical excellence, and of course, their elegance. In Shinto, the Shintai (spirit) is said to dwell in stones, mountains, rivers, trees, or any human-made object such as a mirror or the sword: a mirror is said to reflect the light of the sun which is why it is revered as one of the highest divine powers as it is the source of life on the whole planet. When it comes to the swords, these are commonly utilized as items of spiritual healing since the beauty and power of these tools make them Yorishiro – objects that simply attract sacred energy due to their very nature.

Samurai Sword Set

Of all the weapons that have been created by man, only a few of these have evoked such excellence and fascination as the nihonto of the Japanese. To a lot of people from the West, the image of the samurais in movies have become the very symbol of Japan; the Samurai in their finely-made armor looking proud while they galloped into battle on their majestic horses, brandishing their katanas as they battled on the field have become a very cool image for the people today which is why the samurai and their sword are still highly appreciated and respected by many. Yet for the real-life samurai, nothing has ever embodied a warrior’s code of the Bushido more than their sword.

The sword was definitely a vital part of every samurai’s life so when a young samurai would be born into this world, a sword would be taken into the bedchamber during delivery to offer this to the future samurai. When they turned old and would soon leave this place to cross over to the afterlife, the samurai’s honored sword would be placed just by his side; and even after death, a nobleman or daimyo believed that even in the afterlife, their swords followed to protect them from evil spirits and demons. Listed below are some of the most common types of samurai swords that one can find in sword sets:

The Katana

One of the most common and highly popular swords included in sword sets would be the Katana, another one of the authentic nihontos that were utilized by the samurai during the ancient times of feudal Japan. This weapon is characterized by its unique yet elegant appearance that features a curved and single-handed blade that either has a squared or circular tsuba; its tsuka is made long enough to accommodate two hands when it comes to gripping the weapon. Generally, the katana is described as the most standard-sized and moderately arched nihonto that features a blade greater than sixty centimeters in length; it is also characterized by a unique appearance that a lot of people have admired throughout the ages.


The Wakizashi or “sidearm” is also one of the known traditional nihontos that features a shoto blade measuring between thirty to sixty centimeters while its average is about fifty centimeters. The Wakizashi is similar to the Katana except that it is slightly smaller compared to the weapon; it would usually be carried together with the Katana and the pair of swords would be called the Daisho (large and small). Furthermore, the Katana was always called the long sword while the Wakizashi would be called the companion sword.


Another one of the traditionally made Japanese swords is the Tanto which is a much smaller blade compared to the Wakizashi and the Katana. These were also carried by the samurai class of feudal Japan and the Tantos dated all the way back to the Heian period. During that time, the Tanto was primarily utilized as a weapon, yet due to the evolution of its design throughout the years, the weapon became more ornate and was better utilized for decorative purposes. Generally, it has a single or double-edged blade that measures between fifteen and thirty centimeters in length. It was designed as a stabbing weapon but its edge was sharp enough to be utilized for slashing.

Sword Sets for Sale

Sword sets allow a person to have a full collection of these excellent weapons in a single purchase, and what is great about this is that the set provides a variety of swords for use. Aside from the samurai sword sets, there are also ninja sword sets or machete sets available but one should always ensure that the quality of these weapons is good and that they know the difference between a functional Japanese nihonto from a weapon that is primarily utilized for decorative purposes. So before actually purchasing sword sets, it is best to know a couple of things when buying:

  • There are two kinds of sword sets that are available: one is the functional weapon while the other is the ornamental one. Generally, there are three main areas that distinguish a functional sword from an ornamental one: the kind of steel utilized to create the blade, its sharpness, and also the handle’s structural integrity.
  • The stainless steel blades of sword sets are usually brittle so using these for training would only make them snap on impact with solid objects.
  • A sword’s tsuka should be constructed thoroughly using the traditional method to keep it strong and sturdy without any of the pieces from the sword sets falling apart.
  • A fully functional blade is definitely sharpened and ready for use during training or practice cutting whereas a replica design does not have a sharpened edge and would simply serve as a weapon for decorations and design.


Collectible swords continue to grow popular in military ceremonies, in sports, and even as beautiful art pieces; this is the reason why a lot of people are searching for quality-made sword sets for sale. However, it is always best to remember that if the samurai sword set will be utilized for decorative purposes, it is not necessary to spend a fortune just to acquire finely-made pieces that appear similar to the traditional swords. Simply take the time to do a little research to see if the stores selling these sword sets for sale provide high-quality items that are priced adequately without hurting one’s budget.