Movie Swords

There are a lot of new movies and shows that are appearing today and most of these feature different types of swords that the characters utilize for battle or protection. Usually, a replica of these featured swords appears just after the movie or after a few episodes, and these are definitely hot on its heels. This is not bad for the industry since sales on movie swords go high from all the impact that a mainstream film can give, and those like the Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, and Rurouni Kenshin surely keep these sword makers in business. In fact, it also helps a lot of weapon enthusiasts when it comes to finding great movie swords to add to their collection; not to mention that it is also a way to introduce the beauty, elegance, and even the history of the sword to others – informing them that this is not just a fad, but it is something that will definitely last a lifetime.

Yet when it comes to these movie swords, some can be considered very beautiful pieces for display; and at times, these swords can also be fully functional movie replicas that one can utilize for cutting practice or training.

Popular Movie Swords

Movie fights and duels usually feature a variety of weapons yet the most intense battles seen in movies and shows are usually between blades. Movie swords come in different forms and each of these have distinct styles and looks; depending on the show or movie, some of the swords may also have special powers or additional equipment fixed to it. This list shows the best movie swords that have appeared in great films and these are considered the coolest, as well as the most ornate tools utilized for battle. Below are some of the most popular movie swords:

Excalibur Sword (Excalibur)

The Excalibur Sword is King Arthur’s legendary sword and it is said that the weapon is attributed with great magical powers or connected with Great Britain’s supremacy. There are times when the Excalibur Sword and the Sword in the Stone (the weapon that proves Arthur’s lineage) are claimed to be the same weapon, yet in most stories, these swords are said to be different.

Orcrist Sword (The Hobbit)

The Hobbit is among the popular movies that feature a weapon which a lot of people have grown fond of; the Orcrist is known as an Elven sword that eventually became the weapon of Thorin Oakenshield. It is a weapon also referred to as Biter by the Goblins and was also feared by many. This is one of the movie swords that is characterized by having an eye-catching appearance, with its beautiful scabbard and finely decorated hilt; it also featured runes which bore its name.

Anduril (The Lord of the Rings)

Anduril is one of the swords from “The Lord of the Rings” that was re-forged from Narsil’s shards; it was also the sword that Isildur utilized to slice One Ring from Sauron’s finger, and it was also used defeat him.

Shikomi Zue (Zatoichi)

Zatoichi is known as one of longest running Samurai franchises in Japan, and in the year 2003, Takeshi Kitano rebooted Zatoichi where he cast himself as the gambler and blind masseuse, who also happens to be the Samurai master in the franchise. The Shikomi Zue (a sword that is also disguised as a walking stick) is a beautiful straight blade that is simple yet has the same quality of a finely-made Katana. The sword is an excellent weapon since it is a metaphor for Zatoichi’s character – harmless, simple, yet extremely deadly once unleashed.

King Leonidas’ Spartan Sword (300)

King Leonidas’ Spartan Sword is depicted as the true Spartan warrior’s sword since its wielder has gone through numerous instances where their self-discipline and courage has been tested. It was used by King Leonidas in the battle of Thermopylae, where only three hundred Spartans fought against the whole Persian army.

The Nameless Assassin’s Sword (Hero)

Jet Li’s Nameless is a simple single-handed sword that was common in 229 BC. Its double-edged and straight blade was one of the features that made it stand out to become a favorite among many. This simple difference from a typical sword design gives the weapon an appearance that is exotic and unique; plus, the sword is also a metaphor for the character who is shrouded in mystery and has no real known purpose, yet is extremely deadly and dangerous when in battle.

Green Destiny (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

It is known as a blade with unparalleled excellence as well as quality, and this can be seen when Michelle Yeoh’s weapons are shattered into pieces due to the power of this sword.

The Green Destiny is generally known as the Tai Chi Sword, which is a common sword among the Wu Dang warriors. Aside from its excellence and durability, it is also considered as the most beautiful and ornate sword in the history of film: it features a golden tassel, an engraved blade, as well as a carved jade hilt.

Movie Replica Swords

A lot of movies feature numerous scenes with swords and these go perfectly together. This is because films have been focusing long enough on its hero and their weapons, and considering that it is a visual medium, a lot of movie artisans create astonishingly beautiful and stunning blades to make the movies and its story truly come to life. Yet despite all of the finely-made swords for these films, there are still some TV and movie replicas that are poorly and cheaply made; but since these are branded or seen in extremely popular TV series or movies, replica swords are being sold far more expensive than the quality of these weapons. One should remember that almost all of the movie replica swords were primarily designed for ornamental purposes, so with that, it is always best to do a little research on the best movie replica swords to determine which ones are made with quality materials, and which ones are the best value for money.