Fantasy Swords

When role-playing games and the like have appeared, a lot of fans and gaming enthusiasts have emerged, and so have the collectors of weapons since fantasy swords have become a sought after piece among many. Fantasy swords are undeniably the result of one’s imagination, style, and creativity; with the appearance of these types of swords, fantasy blades have built a unique and special genre which a lot of fans, collectors, and enthusiasts have grown interested in. These swords come in large assortments and these include weapons with sci-fi, legendary, horror, strange, gothic, and even exotic-themed swords. Keep in mind that these kinds of weapons are utilized and exhibited in fantasy-oriented movies and are rarely used for training or sparring sessions.

Although these have been necessities in the past, swords and other types of battle weapons are no longer needed in this modern period. Today, hand combat weapons come as collectible items that a lot of people use for display and aesthetic purposes; and due to the increase of fantasy films and books, these fantasy swords and the designs of the weapons have become even more unique, beautiful, interesting, and they come in more shapes and sizes – basically, if an individual can imagine and design a sword, it can readily be made into a reality.

Popular Fantasy Swords

Ancient mythology and modern-day stories are overflowing with enchanted and magical swords that make every protagonist look even better; and considering all the mythological roots and history based on fantasy-themed books or films, it is no surprise that there are numerous and highly popular fantasy blades that are present in almost every make-believe world.

Here are the top fantasy swords:

Andúril (The Lord of the Rings)

Although this weapon does not possess any magical powers, Andúril, “The Flame of the West,” is probably among the most popular swords in the movie The Lord of the Rings, and also in the world of fantasy fiction – simply because it was the weapon of Aragorn. It was originally wielded by the ancestor of Aragorn yet was broken into shards when Sauron was defeated. After a thousand years, the weapon was re-forged and was given to Aragorn who utilized the weapon in the War of the Ring.

The Power Sword (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

For those children who have been watching cartoons in the early 1980’s, the most memorable fantasy sword during that time would have been the Power Sword of He-Man. A lot of people still get a rush of excitement when they hear the character, Prince Adam intoning, “By the Power of Grayskull!” which is the beginning of his transformation into He-Man. A lot of people are familiar with the cartoon version of this popular fantasy sword, yet the original concept of this (for a toy line) featured the sword that was split in two. In the early comics of He-Man, the antagonist named Skeletor attempted to unite the two Power Swords to attain tremendous power and glory.

The Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda)

The Master Sword – which is also called the Sword of Time or the Blade of Evil’s Bane – is considered as the most powerful weapon in the game called The Legend of Zelda. This fantasy sword features a power level that is about two to three times the power of the game’s starting sword and this is due to the fact that the Master Sword is said to have been created by the ancient Sages. However, in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is the game that takes place before the Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, reveals that the sword was originally known as the Skyward Sword that was kept in a floating island right above the clouds. The backstory in A Link to the Past explains the true purpose of the Master Sword and how it could fight any evil individual who misuses the Triforce.

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

The Buster Sword of Cloud is one of the most famous weapons in the Final Fantasy franchise despite it being quickly superseded by other better swords in the game. However, its appearance in all of the game’s cut scenes and excellent marketing art that is combined with the sword’s unique appearance made it one of the most memorable weapons in the game that a lot of fans have come to remember and love. Basically, the Buster Sword appears wherever and whenever Cloud appears, and this includes his appearance in the Final Fantasy and in side stories of the game Kingdom Hearts.

Godric Gryffindor’s Sword (Harry Potter)

This sword is known to appear when a true Gryffindor required it; the sword of Godric Gryffindor is one of the weapons in Harry Potter that plays a vital role in the story. In the story, the sword was forged by the goblins and was further enhanced by a basilisk’s blood which in turn, becoming the only weapon that can actually destroy a Horcrux.

Replicas of Fantasy Blades

Since fantasy swords are mostly products of one’s creative imagination, these come in different styles, sizes, and designs that are generally appealing to the eyes. When searching online, one will be able to see numerous fantasy blades but not all of these are made of high-quality materials and are usually poorly made. The swords may look beautiful and admirable on photographs but just like with cheap and low-quality steel swords, the common issue with these replica fantasy blades is that these are very poorly constructed with brittle or fragile blades, rattling hilts, and loose parts. Although there are low-quality fantasy blades in the market, doing a thorough research for a really good fantasy sword is still possible and these would usually cost around $20 in total.

For functional fantasy swords, searching for these can be quite difficult since most of the replicas that are made are primarily for decorative or aesthetic purposes. One of the reasons of its rarity is due to the design restrictions and constraints since most of the typical geometries and characteristics of a fantasy blade cannot be made in the real world.