Bleach Swords

Bleach is a popular Japanese anime television series based on the manga created by Tite Kubo. This follows the adventure and story of Kurosaki Ichigo who acquires the power and strength of a Soul Reaper (or Shinigami, which literally means “Death God” in Japanese) from Kuchiki Rukia, another Soul Reaper. Due to the newfound powers of Kurosaki, it forces him to take on and pursue the duty of protecting the human race from evil, as well as leading the souls of the departed to the afterlife.

The Samurai Sword



The Nihonto is among the many types of traditionally made Japanese swords and these weapons have been created since the early Kofun period. However, the Nihonto’s that most people are familiar with are the ones created right after the Heian period when the swords featured slightly arched blades compared to the very first ones which were straight. In this modern age, the most common type of Japanese Nihonto is the Shonogi Zukuri which is a single-edged longsword that has a blade that is usually arched; this weapon was traditionally carried by the Samurai warriors coming from the fifteenth century.

Popular Bleach Swords

The Bleach swords are generally called Zanpakutou which is said to be the physical manifestation of a Soul Reaper’s powers; the weapon also includes a portion of their very soul, as well as their own sentient existence. The Zanpakutou in Bleach are just like their wielders since these weapons exhibit their own unique abilities, characteristics, as well as personalities; furthermore, the Zanpakutou also have their own specific names which a Shinigami needs to determine and learn through adequate communication. Once they have acquired the names of these weapons, the Shinigami will be able to draw out their full powers and potential, making the connection between the wielder and weapon more than just master and his / her sword, but the ultimate partners in battle.

In the series, there are numerous Zanpakutou-wielding characters and these are not only limited to the soul reapers; and because of this, there are countless Bleach swords that are considered very powerful and the favorites among fans. With that, here are some of the most popular Bleach swords that have appeared in the series.


This is the popular “Bleach Ichigo sword” that every fan of the series knows about. It is called the Zangetsu and it takes the form of a huge Khyber knife or a giant cleaver without a hilt. When Kurosaki utilizes his Bankai (the second and last upgrade of a Zanpakuto), Tensa Zangetsu, the Bleach Ichigo sword transforms in appearance to resemble a weapon that looks more like a traditional katana with a pitch-black shade. Yet during the course of the series, the Zangetsu goes through numerous transformations in its appearance, and when Kurosaki’s powers as a Soul Reaper combines with his Fullbring, Zangetsu’s Shikai (the second or very first upgraded form of a Zanpakuto), the sword transforms into an arched weapon that resembles a trench knife, thus making the Bankai curvier and longer.

There are more changes that occur to this specific Bleach Ichigo sword and this was when the weapon was re-forged; the Zangetsu ends up appearing as two swords – one with the exact same size as Kurosaki’s previous Shikai (representing his inner hollow powers), and the other which is a much smaller weapon without a hilt (representing Kurosaki’s latent Quincy strength and powers).


The Senbonzakura – which is owned by Kuchiki Byakuya – exhibits intensely great powers against every opponent; and with the excellent skills Kuchiki displays when handling this Zanpakuto, only a few have survived. During Bankai, this weapon’s destructive power increases exponentially and it also does not necessarily need to be physically controlled by Kuchiki. Also, when this weapon is in its Shikai form, its blade disintegrates into thousands of little pink blades that float around and resemble the beautiful petals of cherry blossoms. Kuchiki can utilize these blades and bring these together to form huge pink clouds that can easily surround all of his opponents and eventually tear them apart.



Sode no Shirayuki

When unleashing the weapon using the Shikai command called “Dance”, the shade of Rukia’s weapon changes and turns as white as snow; its tsuba also alters and appears just like snowflakes and from its kashira, it appears just like a white ribbon. Because of its appearance, it is said that the Sode no Shirayuki is one of the most beautiful in the whole Soul Society and when activated, the appearance of Rukia changes, making her appear with a long white kimono that features trailing ribbons that are all tied to her back. The blade will then transform into ice, and when it is utilized, the Sode no Shirayuki releases a white mist that will freeze everything that it reaches.


Not only is Hitsugaya Toshirou the captain but his Zanpakutou is also considered as the strongest ice-type in the Soul Society. The weapon is released with the command “Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens” that will allow Hitsugaya to easily control ice and water, allowing him to create fierce dragons right at the tip of his blade; yet in Bankai form, an ice dragon wraps around the body of its wielder to give him frozen claws and wings. Even if the weapon gets shattered, the Hyourinmaru can regenerate with ease. Hitsugaya, as is, is already a strong character yet claims that his skills and powers are still underdeveloped, though once he has completely mastered the abilities of his Zanpakutou, he will no doubt turn into a much stronger character and would be a good force to reckon with.

Bleach Swords for Sale

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