Anime Swords

Anime is known as a Japanese hand-drawn or computer-made animation and is usually referred to as “animation from Japan” by individuals from other countries. This is also described as having a specific Japanese-disseminated approach of animation and is often depicted by vigorous and energetic characters, brilliantly vivid graphics, and fantasy themes. Although anime primarily stemmed from Japan, other countries today are also creating similar types of animation. To make things simpler, a lot of Westerners see anime as an animation product created by the Japanese.

In the year 1917 came the first commercial Japanese animation and from there, the production of Japanese anime continued to increase in a fixed and continuous pace. In 1960, the characteristic style of anime art emerged with the works of the well-renowned Osamu Tezuka; in the late twentieth century, this has expanded internationally thus creating a large international and domestic audience. Generally, anime is theatrically distributed via TV broadcasts and are directly sent to the Internet and home media. Furthermore, anime is classified into different types of genres to target a diverse niche and audience.

Samurai in Pop Culture

Japan has a rich and interesting history especially when we speak of their noble and powerful Samurai warriors; because of their undeniable strength, prowess in battle, as well as their skill in wielding their swords, the Samurai continue to gain popularity even in today’s popular culture.

Today, historical dramas or Jidaigeki continue to be one of the most predominant forms of entertainment in Japanese films and TV, and these usually feature a Samurai who stands up against evil merchants and the main antagonist, who is also usually a Samurai. Aside from films and television shows, the Samurai frequently appears in Manga (Japanese comics) and Anime where the most common works or plot includes the protagonist (who is usually portrayed as a former samurai or a samurai) who has outstanding martial arts skills. The most popular examples of these include the Lone Wolf Club, Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, and even Naruto where most of the characters wield anime swords which are usually Katanas or the like.

Favorite Anime Swords

We cannot deny that the most romanticized weapon would be the sword and despite the fact that its use for battle and military purposes is long gone, everyone still has a remarkable memory of the weapon and it is also an essential part of history. This is the reason why a lot of the media, anime, etc. are all about the swords, the characters who wield them, and the skills of each. With that, here are some of the best and most favorite anime swords known today:

The Sakabatou

The Sakabatou is one of the most popular anime swords of today and it was seen in the anime Rurouni Kenshin which was aired in 1996. This weapon is a special type of Katana that is carried by Himura Kenshin, and it is known as a reverse-edged sword utilized by the character during the Meiji era. It has a sharpened edge but it is located on the inward curve and much longer side of the sword which is the opposite of a regular Katana. The Sakabatou primarily knocks out an opponent “senseless” instead of killing them and the only way to do so is to rotate its hilt by a hundred eighty degrees, thus gripping the weapon backward. Himura utilizes this type of sword to symbolize his oath which is to not kill again.

Tokayu Bokutou

This is one of the anime swords from Gintama that can cut through anything; it is made from the bark of a ten-thousand-year-old tree from a distant planet but is actually a Hoshikudaki which literally means Star Destroyer. It appears as a little wooden sword which is somehow based on the Bokken or Bokuto.


The Mugen is wielded by Yu Kanda from D. Gray Man and this weapon has a plethora of supernatural powers despite having the appearance of a simply designed Shirasaya. The weapon is derived from Innocence which is the power that Kanda and other characters from the series use, and this power is specifically used to fight Akuma which are known as demon-like beings.


Bleach has become one of the most popular anime’s of today and it is claimed that this is the strongest and one of the best Bleach swords in the series. The Zangetsu is Ichigo’s Zanpakuto which is known as a series of sentient weapons that works by drawing out its wielder’s inner strength and abilities. These weapons are mostly utilized by the Shinigami and are basically the physical manifestations of their powers, as well as a part of their souls.


Another one of the well-known anime swords is the Tessaiga which is made from the fang of the Inu no Taisho who is Inu Yasha’s own father. Unlike the life-preserving Tensaiga, the sword of Inu Yasha’s brother, the Tessaiga is but a true offensive and deadly weapon. It is said that one of the best scenes in the anime was when Inu Yasha and his brother, Sesshomaru, squared off using these two very distinct and contrasting blades.

Naruto Swords

Although the anime / manga Naruto primarily focuses on the life of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, some characters still wield a Samurai sword which they utilize in battle against opposing groups. Here are a few of the most popular Naruto swords that appeared in the series, as well as those characters who wield the weapon.

The Sword of Kusanagi

A lot of fans claim that The Sword of Kusanagi is one of the coolest Naruto swords in the series. Based on the story, it was a weapon originally possessed by the character Orochimaru and is stored in his stomach when not in use. Orochimaru opens his mouth to reveal a snake that discharges the sword from its mouth. The Kusanagi can be controlled via telekinesis and it can also cut through anything; aside from this, the sword also has the ability to decrease or increase its length when necessary.


The Kubikiribocho is a very large broadsword that was wielded by one of Naruto’s first formidable foes, Zabuza. It takes the appearance of a huge butcher’s knife and the name of the sword literally means Decapitating Carving Knife.


This is another one of the favorite Naruto swords from the series. The Hiramekarei is said to be the primary weapon of Chojuro and it has a distinct ability to transform into other weapons such as a mace or a Nodachi-like sword.